YES. You Can Make WINE In An Instant Pot

Shout out to all my spirit animals that can't cook to save their lives but can pour a tall glass of red from a mile away. (OK maybe not a mile but I've mastered the long pour while laying on the couch so I don't have to get up)

A hero of our time, food blogger David Murphy, has discovered that besides all the delicious-looking & easy FOOD recipes that you can find online for your Instant Pot, you can, IN FACT, also make WINE.

According to Murphy, the Instant Pot has a 'yogurt' setting & you just use less heat! He took Welch's Grape juice, a cup of sugar, & a packet of Lalvin Red Wine Yeast & got to work! Once finished, Murphy did a taste test & explained the flavor as "a Merlot with hints of dark cherries & raw chocolate".

Not super high end, he says it tastes like an $8-$12 bottle of table wine (which I'm sorry is perfectly classy for my wine-loving mouth).

Ready to try it for yourself if you have an Instant Pot? (Or invite me over so I can experiment???) Check out Murphy's whole recipe HERE!

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