Is "Keto-Crotch" A Real Thing???

Never having taken part in the Keto diet, I have no idea if this is true! I have friends who LOVE the diet, is it worth a potentially rough situation downstairs?

According to Women's Health some women have been complaining about...'fragrant' vaginas. Women's health expert Dr. Jennifer Wider explained the keto diet gets your body to enter "ketosis" where you burn fat instead of carbs. She goes on to get *real* scientific about body stuff:

“Foods can change the odor of our bodily fluids.For example, certain vegetables, like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower, are known to do this. But citrus fruits have been reported to give a pleasant odor to sexual body fluid in both men and women (in addition to cinnamon and nutmeg). Other spices, like garlic and onion, tobacco, and certain types of alcohol, may have the opposite effect.”

Soooo...are your petals smelling a little different than the rest of the flower patch? (Ugh the double meanings)

All I'll say is girl you look AMAZING & who cares?! You do you. :)

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