Study Says Drinking Tequila Can Help You Lose Weight

Break out the margarita mix, stock up on the limes & the salt shaker because we're about to get HEALTHY. Seriously. Could there be better news for your #ThirstyThursday???

A study has found that tequila can actually help you lose weight! Here's the deal, sugars found in the agave plant (called agavins) can help lower your blood sugar & as we hear over and over again sugar is a main culprit for you storing that body fat.

According to the study:

"Researchers found that mice who'd been given a standard diet, and then drank water with agavins added, ended up eating less overall and had lower blood sugar levels than the others who hadn't consumed agavins. What's more, the mice consuming agavins also produced a hormone called GLP-1, which keeps the stomach full longer and produces insulin, leading researchers to believe that agavins could be beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes or struggling with weight-loss issues. 

Sooo maybe endless margaritas & Long Islands aren't the BEST choice, but kickin' off your diet with a fast tequila shooter might not be the *worst* idea???

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