The V-Day Gift You Need: The Super Inappropriate Valentine Teddy Bear

I will fully admit I am NOT a fan of Valentine's Day but you get me this teddy bear....I might give you my heart for the day. So much better than those valentines candies that say things like 'You're Awesome' or just a regular teddy bear that doesn't remind you of your fine a$$ self. Good for way more than just your S.O. too! I mean maybe not like your mom but still, BFF gifts? Solid. Galentine's Day?!?! Get them for every gal. 4.5 out of 5 stars from reviews this is not gonna disappoint. Still looks like you've got time to get it shipped too!

Maybe you bring this little guy to our Stoplight Party at 20 Monroe Live Thursday night, it will definitely grab some eyes 😏😏😏