Local Michigan GVSU student worked for Buzzfeed then QUIT!

Rachel McMahon of Hudsonville was working for Buzzfeed making fun quizzes (like over 700). These quizzes like " Which one of Justin Bieber's many haircuts are you most like " get at least 800,000 views so why did she quit this week and why is it on the news?

Recently, Buzzfeed laid off over 2,000 people and Matthew Perpetua, who was a director said , "It’s kinda amazing how much revenue-generating traffic the site gets from unpaid community volunteers..." and someone from the popular site said that Rachel was actually the website's 5th highest contributor. Well, Rachel saw this and said, "...Wow. I knew I was doing well and getting a lot of views, but I didn't know I was doing that much for BuzzFeed. It was crazy!" By the way, she wasn't getting paid for her work.

"If I would have known that BuzzFeed was going to lay all these workers off who really helped me and all the other community users, I definitely wouldn't have continued posting as crazy as I did," she continued, "I wouldn't have wanted to hurt them."