Forget The Sheets Or Silverware, Register For Wedding Booze!

Gray Chapman is a bride living in Atlanta that was in the middle of what every bride will experience at one point: stress. Guest list, catering order, table set up, vows written, dress paid for (my chest is getting tight just remembering all of that). So what's a bride to do? Take a few shots & calm the *eff* down :)

Gray hit up her favorite local liquor store & asked if she could come in and register for all her favorite beer, liquor, mixers, everything! Yeah, my mouth is watering too. LOVE this idea. Brides, what do you think? Gray points out that her and her significant other have been living together for awhile and have most of the domestic "stuff" covered. So why not cheers to the beers?!

My friends threw Chris & I a "Stock The Bar Party" before we got married and it was amazing! We took over my friend's backyard, had a bunch of yard games goin', food, drinks & everyone brought a bottle of something! But, I'm also a lover of the beverages, as you know, so you might wanna do something different! What would you register for before your wedding? 

......Sorry, I suddenly just thought about registering for cute puppies & starting your lives together with a dog and that might be the best world ever. OK, tangent done. 

Check it out: 

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