Grand Rapids Teen Kicks Off 2019 By Stealing A Cop Car

Not even 5 hours deep on our New Year when West Michigan teen Alyssa Martinez decided to take a Grand Rapids police car on a joyride. 

The incident took place just after 4:30am when she was a passenger in a van being pulled over for potential involvement in a nearby fight. When the van stopped, the driver attempted to flee on foot. Several passengers began to scatter as the police pursued the driver on foot. 

Martinez was then seen hopping into the police car and driving it for several blocks as she violated multiple traffic laws. Police later found the vehicle abandoned via GPS, and Martinez was spotted walking nearby. 

She has since been arraigned on charges of Unlawful Driving Away of an Automobile, Malicious Destruction of Property and Resisting and Obstructing Police. 

West Michigan Teen Steals Cop Car To Kick Off 2019

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