Justin Timberlake Trolled CHOFF

Interesting conversations are inevitable when you sit down for an old man's chair for a haircut in a vinatage barber shop. Around September of 2017, one of those interesting conversations with Armando the barber led me to this video which is set in Grand Rapids; specifically where I get my hair cut at. Armando went on and on about the filming of this video and how high-key it was for the city to have this take place. 

For over a year now I had been telling people that I get my hair cut at a famous place featured in one of Justin Timberlake's videos for one of his most famous songs.... only to find out that this was in fact a parody video; and I had been lying to all of the stunned individuals whom I informed. 

I am not sure how this seemed to slip past as Timberlake quality with their photoshopped animations and overly dramatized actors but after the discovery of the official video I think the local version takes the cake. 

(First video is the LEGIT version, second one is the BOOTLEG version) 

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