Cannabis is LEGAL in Canada!

Well, it seems things just a bit sweeter for our neighbors in the north. 

Canada just legalized recreational cannabis nationwide and simultaneously made it easier to pardon those already suffering from the harsh laws which had been previously in place. The goal of this notion was to eliminate crime surrounding the plant and to reduce it's sale to minors through centralized regulation.

 "The laws had been getting better, but this is a game-changer for us." said Aaron Medieros, Toronto, Ontario resident. "This is more than a move toward recreational use, this is a giant leap in the right direction toward revolutionizing the way our healthcare providers view the plant and how they use it to find healthy alternatives to harmful prescriptions." 

Canadian residents over the age of 18 may now purchase up to 30 grams of cannabis at authorized retailers in most major cities. All previous cannabis offenses of 30 grams or less will be pardoned as of this week. 

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