Cardi B Makes Me Feel So Much Better About Doing This At Work...

Not taking sides in the Nicki/Cardi battle because I'm too busy watching this adorable video of Cardi B & Offset FaceTime'ing baby Kulture while at a show. I feel so much better about getting caught in the studio post show making all kinds of noises as I video chat with my Itty Bitty Shmitty. I still get work done! (Before the trolls start in with the whole personal stuff while you're on the clock thing)  I just love everything about how open Cardi has been about being a mom. Sure, my butt didn't look that good after having Will, but I'll let that one pass. Just seems like Cardi & Offset are some of the cutest, most in love parents ever. 

So new mamas, if Cardi is doin' it I think that sets the bar that we can do it occasionally :) 

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