Party in the Park SMASHES West Michigan!

Imagine hearing all of the most "lit" songs of your youth on one stage... this was exactly what Party in the Park brought for West Michigan!

With proper opening sets by Bryce Vine and Logan Henderson, Party in the Park was completely ready for the madness that unfolded on August 29th. 

We knew once Lil Jon & T.I. were announced that Party in the Park would be an experience like no-other, but I don't think we REALLY realized just how crazy it would get until they each took the stage.

Lil Jon's set list was comprised of just about every big song you hear at any given party and T.I. kept it real with classics like "What You Know" and "Live Your Life."

The two joined forces on stage together to shut down the show out and left West Michigan with a massive summer-closer to remember. 

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