#UnfilteredFriday : Milestone Birthday Pics

I realized something recently: I am EXTREMELY stressed out over social media. What I'm posting, is it interesting, do I have enough Followers, should I be posting more? Here's the deal, we hear about it all the time. Social media can really stress people out, give them anxiety, make them feel inadequate.

Don't get me wrong, the amazing filters on Instagram & Facebook give me LIFE (especially after a night out or rough sleep) but it's just not always true to life! I had an especially hard time after becoming a mom. Watching other new moms & their Insta stories I was killing myself trying to figure out how they looked so put together, got their kid to sleep, actually had time to do other things.

Stop, stop, stop. Because the real stuff? Sometimes even better! So #UnfilteredFriday is all about it. I plan to post a pic a week (or probably more because I know how my weeks start & where they end up) of the messier, imperfect, OMG REALLY? part of life. I'd love you to share yours too! Candid, hot mess, ugly cry or ugly smile (that's a thing for me if I'm TOO excited LOL) I wanna see them all! And its not like we're gonna stop posting the perfect shots because those are fabulous too! And you should definitely celebrate your skill with a filter, but I love seeing the other side too :)

So now I'll worry that I typed on to boredom but thanks for hanging through it & cheers to the selfie struggle! 

(I leave you w/my 1st #UnfilteredFriday trying to get my little dude to pose for those *all important* month birthday shots & how he felt about it post photo shoot....)

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