The Best @reply Ever...It's Back!

So I love McDonald's. And proud of it. The 1st trimester of my pregnancy it was a late night craving so sweetly satisfied by my super annoyed hubby having to jump in the car & get me one (OK sometimes two) orders of their 2 Cheeseburger meal. 

What??? Sometimes the quarter pounder isn't enough but 2 of them are too much! The double cheese is perfect! Snack, road trip, indulgence. 

Imagine my devastation when I pulled into the drive thru and was told they had discontinued the 2 Cheeseburger meal! My angry preggers face was only beaten by the loud WHAT?! from Chris because this too is one of his favorites.

Tweeted about it, obvs & look at what I got back yesterday! Clearly peaked.


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