Netflix Lookin' EPIC For July!

Obviously due to my Jurassic Park obsession I'm pretty jacked that not just 1, not just 2, no no no no, ALL 3 JURASSIC PARKS ON NOW ON NETFLIX!

With yesterday being July 1st, the new releases are now on the streaming service & might I give you some of my picks:

1. Chocolat (actually in my Top 3!)

2. Boondock Saints (although I still cover my eyes sometimes, it can get bloody cleanin' up those streets)

3. The Sinner (have NOT actually seen this but incredible reviews & since we cut the cord, I don't have USA. Plus Jessica Biel, who says it was one of her most challenging roles yet)

4. New Bo Burnam! (also haven't seen, but super excited to)

5. New season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee!

Plug in the A/C window unit and close the blinds. Summer will still be a thing next month LOL

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