Mojo's Make Out With A Mustang

There are a lot of things I would do for a brand new sports car... however seeing how long I could keep my lips on it... probably not my first choice. 

This week I got to be a judge at Mojo's Make Out with a Mustang at Szott Ford; a very, very  unusual experience. This was my first time being involved with any contest of the sort, so I was much more enthralled by the whole thing than veterans of the event.

Beginning with 59 contestants and only one car, the odds were not in anyone's favor by any means and after just 26 hours, nearly half of the crew had given up or been eliminated. 10 minute breaks were given every hour with food, plenty of coffee, water and massage chairs provided. 

I stayed the night with the contestants on night 2 and DJ'd (w/ the help of Cass Wasacz) a mixture of really fast exciting music, and really slow and sleepy music for the those that remained on the car. 

The second place winner, Olivia won a VIP trip to hangout with the Backstreet Boys for their concert in Los Angeles.

All said and done, after over 60 hours on the car, the win went to a very deserving young woman from Howell, Michigan. Her 2 kids and husband had spent countless hours at the dealership with her and she was confident from the beginning that she would be the winner of the car. 

Megan waited over 53 hours with her boyfriend Dominic while he attempted to win the car to take her to prom in.

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