ANOTHER New Monument Coming to Downtown GR

While a boarded up structure tends to resemble pitfall and poverty within a city, this recently discovered boarded up object in downtown Grand Rapids is bringing excitement and anticipation.

Serving as Monument Park's second statue, this new boarded structure will fill a small space: roughly 4' square feet of ground and 9' of airspace. We are currently unsure as to what the boards may be hiding, or if it will have any relation to the other statue in the park. 

This will be the second statue added to downtown already this spring, with the reveal of the LOVE statue just a few weeks ago at the Louis Campau Promenade located off of Monroe st. at Louis. 

Monument park, located on the corner of Fulton and Division in the heart of Grand Rapids is known for it's large Civil War monument which features a Union soldier standing at the top positioning his rifle with "Petersburg" written by his feet. The original statue was created in 1885 to honor fallen soldiers of Kent County, Michigan then later moved to Monument park. 

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