CHOFF Found His Spirit Animal

Rainy days in the city are never easy. Whether it's walking from your home to your vehicle, your vehicle to the office, or simply trying to stop at a drive-thru on your morning commute, staying dry on these rainy mornings is a nearly impossible task. 

While billowing down Fulton st. on the way to the office this morning, I noticed what I believe to be a West Michigan icon in the making. With my windshield wipers nearly reaching full speed as they threw gallon after gallon of water out of my range of sight, I look to my left only to see a citizen reflecting more dedication than that of a young SoundCloud rapper collecting face tattoos. 

In a city with such a highly esteemed bus system, and many parking options in the small downtown setting; it was quite humbling to witness this individual's choice for transit on his morning commute first hand on this rainy morning. His blue moped matched the tone of his blue poncho to a T as he sped effortlessly through the pouring rain. I do not know where the man was headed, nor did I have the time to inquire, but I can only imagine that he was chasing greatness with such attire. 

Not all heroes wear capes... some of them wear blue ponchos that match their blue moped in the pouring rain. 

(@1045snx // @HeyCHOFF on Instagram) 

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