LoveGR Sculpture Added To Downtown

Matching the tone of the Blue Bridge, downtown's newest sculpture is the perfect addition to brighten the city this summer. The sculpture was presented to the city by the Frey family in representation of the Frey Foundation. 

Located at the corner of Monroe st and Louis, it's hard not to miss this sculpture when going about an afternoon commute through the city. The sculpture stands directly across from Rosa Park's Circle in front of Panera bread, and at the opening of the alley that leads to Z's Tavern and the Grand Plaza. 

"This is my personal favorite additions to the city. Love is arguably the most important thing that we can bring to the table in any given situation and this is a perfect daily reminder of that for the people of Grand Rapids." said John Marcus, a Grand Rapids local who passes this location on his daily commute to work. 

Similar famous "LOVE" sculptures can be found in Indianapolis, IN and Philadelphia, PA

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