So It Was My 1st Day Back From Maternity Leave...

So all you mamas totally get it, but this was a first for me. After 9 weeks off to figure out how to raise a human for the first time (yikes!) it was time to get back behind the mic.

Yesterday was awesome, mostly because so many of you sent such wonderful messages & comments, but it was definitely weird to be away from the little person I had focused life on for the last 9 weeks. 

So many of you told me as hard as it was to leave in the morning, the welcome home was 1000x better (what's up Lindsay, you were so right!)

Seriously guys, heart exploding. And if you don't have kids, I totally get that this might seem like another baby post you'll just scroll past, totally fine. But I don't think I've had my heart this warm since A. I got married and B. discovered my favorite Moscow Mule 

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