Craving Some Winter Beer Fest? Host Your Own!

Bummed that Winter Beer Fest has been postponed to next weekend? Here's what you do: host your own!

My fabulous friends came up with this idea a few years ago when our whole group wasn't able to get tickets to the Fifth Third Ballpark party before they sold out. Now it's an annual tradition & hundreds of our friends come into town for it!

Now this weekend is a little different, its warmer and not a ton of snow but if you've got some bon fire pits and a way to keep beer cold, you're good!

Might I suggest snow couches (or hay bails work awesome!), snow coolers (regular coolers) & we used their garage for a huge smorgasbord of delicious chili and snacks. Throw on your snow pants, mittens work great as coozies and enjoy! 

Everyone brings their fav beer (which was also awesome because we had friends in from the south, east coast and southwest with delicious new stuff!)

Even without the snow, still totally works :) Beer Fest on my friends!

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