Shmitty Needs The Spice!

So officially 2 days past my due date with Itty Bitty Shmitty & you can imagine, I'm pretty done. Cheers to you mamas that went a week or more past, I admire & bow down to your infinite strength.

I'm not doing so fabulous with it so I decided to try the biggest thing that keeps popping  up on 'How To Go Into Labor' lists: spicy food.

Day 1 (yesterday): A stop at Thai Chef to get some peanut curry & have them go as HOT as they possibily could! Delicious, but no action.

Day 2 (today): Have a ridiculous craving for pizza (figured I'll eat whatever I want now before I try to be all healthy and fit again) Plan to load it up with those red pepper flakes that set my heart on fire...

If you have something better? ANYTHING that you swear by, I'm ready to know! For as picky of an eater as I am, I'm legit ready to try serious am I? 

I'd eat pickles.  I'm that serious. 

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