This Woman Was Not Prepared For Preggers Shmitty...

So I've been at this for what? 9 months now that seems like 9 years. But I'm in the home stretch! So this week was all about a little pampering before I'm stuck in my house, on the couch, feeling like a feeding machine.

Got my hair done, lashes refilled & finally the mani/pedi date! (What?! Hold your newborn with chipped polish? C'mon!) What I forget are some of the things that have changed about me since being pregnant. Mostly my HUGE, SWOLLEN, ANKLES. Which yes, deserve all caps because they're that insane.

Popped my boots off to soak my feet in that delightful tub of water only to see the horrified look on my nail technician's face when she saw...the ankles. 

Okay, so maybe they were bad? Maybe they were pretty massive? IDK I've been looking at them for months, but I'll tell you my best friend sitting next to me going "OMG ARE THOSE FOR REAL?!" did not calm the situation.

But did I care? If you think yes, you haven't been around a lot of 9 month pregnant women ;-)

It was glorious. Pure, swollen, 'did you break your ankles & that's why they're so big' glory. So to fellow soon-to-be-moms out there, I feel ya. And you know there's nothing stopping us from ANYTHING to do with a solid foot rub :) 

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