Single For V-Day? Good, It's Better For You!

Not lying, not saying it just to make you feel better. If you're already sick of seeing the mushy, heart-filled statuses today I have some solid news. Being single is awesome! (And yes this coming from a happily-married lady, but still I can get behind alot of this stuff!)

1. Single people tend to have better & stronger relationships with friends! A study in 2015 found that single people reached out more to friends and also offered and received help from their tribe much more often than married couples. (I bet you did celebrate Galentine's Day yesterday!) 

2. Single people tend to be in better shape. Yeah, yeah guess there's some science behind that whole 'letting yourself go' after marriage thing. A study in 2015 found single people worked out more each week and actually weighed about 5 pounds less on average than their married friends.

3. Single people develop more individually & benefit from alone time. This is probably my most favorite one. A study in 2016 found that single people experienced things like self-determination alot stronger than married people. This leads to psychological growth & development and lots more adventure! Nothing like vacationing on your own to learn tons about yourself & where you want to be going.

So here's the deal, being with a S.O. is absolutely amazing & there's tons of benefits there too! (Especially if you marry someone that can cook, fed Shmitty is happy Shmitty) but the idea that single people are lonely and miserable is just not true! I think the best way to spend this V-Day is to DO YOU! Have some romantic take out with your boyfriend or go take that hot yoga class you think you're not flexible enough to handle by yourself. V-Day should be a day to treat yourself :) 

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