My New Favorite Olympian

If you didn't watch any Olympic coverage last night, you missed out on the Team Finals for Ice Skating & my new fav skater, Adam Rippon. The golden boy for Team USA has been getting *a lot* of attention lately between his incredible skill that most think will land him on the podium in the individual program to his *alleged* shut down of a meeting with VP Mike Pence.

But that's not what I'm here to gush about. I'm here to gush about this guy's incredible personality, his beaming pride for fellow teammates & BFF Mirai Nagasu and his absolutely fabulous interview style!

Seriously, could he be any happier after his performance AND not focus on himself at all? As much as Mike tried to get him to talk about himself & his journey it was everyone else around him that pushed, supported & followed his journey that he was focused on. I'm just saying, make room for him in the broadcast booth next to Tara & Johnny once he's retired from his Olympic career because I can't get enough of this bubbly personality mixed with so much unbelievable drive!

Same guys, same. 

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