The Story Of My Life Right Now...

I wish this was the 1st time it had happened. OK, I wish this was only the 2nd time it had happened. Whatever. It happened again. I walked into a window. 

To be fair, the automatic doors at Walgreens on Fuller look EXACTLY like the floor to ceiling window directly next to it! 

But the best part for me was that no one said a word. 4 people saw it happen. I confidently walked full speed, certain the automatic door would open right at the last second to allow me in only to hear my body THWACK into what I realized was a window.

But I guess humans are wonderful & don't wanna point out your embarassment because everyone kept walking while I tried to hide a burnt red face from pure humiliation.

And yes, I grabbed 5 chocolate bars in the check out lane because it was THAT kind of day.

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