Mike Asks Ed Sheeran to Perform at his Wedding

On Tuesday, Mojo in the Morning announced that Ed Sheeran just added a Detroit date to his tour! (Sep 8th)

 I'm so excited for this! Mostly because, it means he will be in Michigan on the same date of my wedding! That means in theory he could perform the song from our proposal at my wedding! 

So this is my attempt to get Ed Sheeran to make an appearance at my wedding. It would mean the world to her and I. I am even willing to bribe people to share this video... 

...maybe I should've asked Ali first. 

Mike Oops

Ali (My Fiance) will be first to admit that I have a tendency to get really passionate about something and act first and think later. I always mean well and she is very patient with me.   

While, this was a great idea--I actually forgot to talk to her before going on the air/fb live with this. 

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