Best Part Of Shmitty's Baby Shower

Big shout out to my girls Elizabeth, Megan & Kate for throwing me an amazing baby shower yesterday for Itty Bitty Shmitty.

It was my first one which means it was the first one I didn't show up to as the guest who tries to make conversation with people you don't know while watching someone open a bunch of gifts that for the most part (if you're not a mom yet) you have no idea what they actually do. 

So! I have the fix that will have everyone super chatty and loving the shower from mom to all her friends and that's a boozy hot chocolate bar.

Yep. Amazing. The girls put together different hot chocolate, mixers, marshmallows, the whole deal! And people LOVED it plus got super comfortable as a couple beverages entices you to do!

(That's just what I could fit in a pic). Obviously this works best at a winter shower, but if you've got friends you're throwing something for coming up...definitely try this out.

And oh look! I found this amazing recipe to get you started :) 

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