Top Ten Ways To Keep Your Resolution Without Being Lame

According to Patch, these are the top 10 resolutions that people will have in 2018. 

1.  Eat better.  37% of people made it their New Year's resolution.

 2.  Exercise more, 37%.

 3.  Spend less money, 37%.

 4.  Take better care of themselves, like getting more sleep, 24%.

 5.  Read more books, 18%.

 6.  Learn a new skill, 15%.

 7.  Get a new job, 14%.

 8.  Make new friends, 13%.

 9.  Get a new hobby, 13%.

 10.  Focus more on their appearance, 12%.

And here is how you keep those resolutions, but also keep your friends. 

1. Eat whatever you want, in portions. Just remember it's food not feelings. 

2. Anything done in leggings counts as exercise 

3. Spend your money if you want. It's YOUR money. It's only money, you can make more. Unless your using bitcoin ...then who f**** knows.  

4. They say read more books it will help your vocabulary. Nahh just stop saying Lit, Slay, and Extra in every sentence.

5. Get a new job?! Unless all day napping in the leggings you just "worked out in" counts a job...I would just keep the one you have. This counts for hobbies too. 

 6.Make new friends? Shut up, you make new friends. 


7. Focus on appearance? You could,....orrrr Im'ma keep using the perfect filter, correct angles, and perfect lighting to look like mother f****king Beyonce 

Finally skip the last two, because you are awesome and just do you boo boo. 

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