Local Artist From Muskegon Win's Nicki Minaj Musical.ly Contest

Christina Rose MC is a  "underground Michigan artist" from Muskegon and one of the biggest Nicki Minaj fans out there. 

Earlier this year Christina entered a twitter contest hosted by Nicki Minaj. The winners of said contest would received tickets to the Billboard Music Awards and get to meet the rapper. 

The contestants where asked to use the Musical.ly app to make a short video to Nicki's song 'Regret Your Tears'.---'The #RegretInYourTearsChallenge'. 

Christina WON! Below is the entry that Nicki chose and pics from her grand prize adventure! 

Nicki even tweeted pictures of her winners! 

Pictures from Christina Rose MC's grand prize meet and greet & from her seats at the Billboard Music Awards. 

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