Claude VonStroke Introduces Other-Worldly Self Barclay Crenshaw at Movement

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Movement Detroit 2017 was bursting with upcoming and legendary talent alike -- house, techno, hip hop -- it was all there! Headliners Richie Hawtin, Testpilot (Deadmau5), and and Carl Cox tore up Detroit in true techno fashion, but one undercard act in particular shocked everyone when he unexpectedly shut down the Main Stage on Monday afternoon!

So, you haven't heard about Barclay Crenshaw, but I can pretty much guarantee you've heard of Claude VonStroke. What if I told you they were one of the same, and the former was actually his real name? Well, that's what I'm telling you. 

If you check under his Movement bio it actually straight up tells you: "My fake name is Claude VonStroke."

Pounding bass shook Detroit's Hart Plaza as soon as Crenshaw hit the stage, spinning what only can be described as "alien music" -- blending bass, trap, hip hop, and everything in between, all while staying true to his electronic roots. If I could go back in time to relive just one set from last weekend, Barclay Crenshaw would be it, as he offered a truly unique soundscape that totally rocked Movement!

Straight from another planet, this guy knows what's up and there's no doubt he'll be making waves in the festival circuit all summer long! Check out a clip of his Movement 2017 performance, his full self-titled debut album, and more tour dates to come!


Channeling a love affair with classic '90s hip-hop, an affinity for otherworldly themes and an ear for raw funk, Barclay Crenshaw uses his given birth name to bare his soul and deliver a slowed-down, emotive collection of collaborations and instrumentals. This self-titled debut album is a left-field departure from his better-known alias, Claude VonStroke, but the quality is undeniably the same. The themes of ancient alien abductions and exploration of time and space are discovered and brought to life over ten tracks that sound like a mixture of gold rope chains and new age enlightenment. Modern organic beats mixed with gorgeous melodic moments and underlying grittiness create an experience that is eclectic, expressive and expansive. Coded art furthers the sense of mystery and the unknown, harking back to the past while gazing into the future.

Guests include a wide array of artists, from bass maestro Mr. Carmack to the U.K.’s inspired Lady Chann, Flatbush emcees The Underachievers, and even a Cool Kids reunion from Chuck Inglish & Sir Michael Rocks.


June 08 @ Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester
June 15 @ Sonic Bloom Festival, Rye
June 16 @ What The Festival, Dufur
June 22 @ Electric Forest Weekend 1, Rothbury
Aug 12 @ Elements NYC Music & Art Festival, Brooklyn
Oct 3 @ III Points Festival, Miami

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