Confession: I have never been a 'gym rat'. In fact, I don't even know if that's what you say. Call it a lack of motivation,  intimidation or laziness but the gym was not a part of my daily routine. Or weekly, or monthly, okay even yearly.

But since joining Westside Fitness that has honestly changed. I'm not going to spend time typing out everything I love about this place but I thought a #TransformationTuesday post would let you learn some of what I'm learning with my personal trainer Kim.

Seriously think about joining me here. Because a few months ago I would get a little winded running up stairs (not proud) and a lunge? Forget about it.

The dreaded leg day. Have you tried it with an exercise ball? Worked my butt good (ladies) and my abs were feeling near celeb status.

The leg press scared the s*%# out of me. But if you don't wanna start with weight, try just the sled and do reps of 10 with a 10 second break between. Much more doable if you're starting out!

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