The Battle Creek Bombers have created the 'L’eggo My Eggo Burger'. Think you can handle this one?

This new concoction starts with a classic Eggo, which is  topped with a special sauce the Bombers have created – a mix of a molasses-infused BBQ along with Michigan-made maple syrup. Next they top it with a cheeseburger, plenty of bacon, and more sauce. Another Eggo is then placed on top of the burger. The Bombers add another cheeseburger patty, more bacon and sauce, finally topping everything off with one last Eggo. By the time this menu item is finished, the L’eggo my Eggo Burger contains three classic Eggo’s, over a half-pound of hamburger, two slices of cheese, four strips of bacon, and loads of the Bomber sauce.

This behemoth burger goes on sale May 29th, Opening Day.