The internet exploded yesterday when this photo went up on Instagram:

The pic has since been deleted and this might be why. That's 13 year old Willow Smith (you know, offspring of Will and Jada?) and 20 year old Moises Arias of 'Hannah Montana' fame. Willow is completely dressed and they're ON the bed not so much IN it, but alot of people think this is super inappropriate. What do you think?

You can blame Jessica Alba's grandparents for the actress never doing a naked scene. As long as they are alive and well, Alba keeps her clothes on. She tells 'Glamour' magazine "I don't want my grandparents to see my boobs.  That's it. It would be weird at Christmas.  And, I mean, really, if you look at the movies I have done, getting naked would never 'elevate' the picture." Some would disagree, Jess.

Jason Merritt / 2013 Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan is back to her secret but not so secret partying. She was snapped leaving a London club in the wee hours of the morning last week. But get this. Lohan sent this tweet while she was still in London:

Apparently she's doing everything she can to hide the partying from Oprah! Who knew that's all she needed? Jail, cops, arrests, that won't scare the Lohan. But getting called onto Oprah's couch? Never.