Video has surfaced of One Direction's Zayn and Louis taking part in a pot circle while in Peru last month. Laughing and joking about the 'contraband', the two look to be enjoying their relaxing ride:

The apparently true 'fat shaming' for Rob Kardashian continues. After bailing on Kimye's wedding ceremony because he couldn't handle the pressure of family photos (thanks to Kim) he has vowed to drop every last pound he gained. Celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson will be helping and says Rob won't be getting the easy treatment. He will endure a full hour of high-intensity full body exercises, cardio and resistance training every single day. Here's hoping you shame everyone for being terrible, Rob!

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Turns out Mayweather didn't stand a chance, T.I. was already pretty turnt up hours before their confrontation, thanks to Nicki Minaj! T.I. and his posse showed up to Liquid, a pool party at Aria where Nicki Minaj was giving a live performance and tried to side-step security. Security wasn't having it and demanded that T.I. be checked like everyone else. The standoff got so intense, Las Vegas PD got involved and who knows how long it took T.I. to simmer down before the Fatburger blowup.

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