Mr. and Mrs. Kanye West became official on Saturday in Florence, to the tune of $2.8 million. Some of that jackpot went towards a 224 foot long marble table overlooking the Florence skyline where guests munched on chicken, steak, salmon and pasta. And for dessert? A 7 foot tall wedding cake. The biggest shock? Kim's brother Rob bailed on the ceremony. Rob showed up to the pre-wedding festivities in Paris Friday and than stayed in his hotel room for the evening before hopping a jet out of the country. Apparently his weight gain is the problem and between the paparazzi and family pressure to be in wedding photos, he just couldn't take it and left.

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Mayweather scored another fight over the weekend, this time with T.I. inside a Fatburger on the Vegas strip. It all started when T.I.'s wife Tiny posted a couple Instagram shots with Floyd and it sent T.I. off. They crossed paths at the burger joint and Mayweather told T.I. to "control his bitch". Chaos ensued:

T.I. responded saying he did NOT get a black eye:

And the award for selfie (or cell-fie) of the weekend goes to Wiz Khalifa who was arrested for possession of marijuana at the El Paso International Airport and before he was booked snapped this goodie: