The second rumored racist Bieber tape has hit the internet. But this time it's from Bieber's people! Justin says he is tired of being extorted for money and wants the video out and to apologize for his actions. But this one seems even more damaging than the first:

Do you think we'll be seeing MORE tapes?

Pharrell is also apologizing today after the "Elle UK' cover was released where the singer/producer is wearing a Native American headdress. Not surprising, the Internet found issue with this and soon after Pharrell issued a statement: "I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture.  I am genuinely sorry." Worth noting, Pharrell does have some Native American blood.

And Katy Perry admits how long she has gone without sex. In the new issue of Cosmo, she says, "Maybe six months or a year.  I don't stay single for long." When asked if she takes advantage of some "maintenance" when she's single Perry says absolutely not! She's not into the one night stand and prefers that close relationship.  "For me, the most important thing about sex is connection.  I've never been that way."