Was he drunk or is it for a movie? Shia LaBeouf spent the day bar hopping before he hit the Broadway show and was arrested Thursday night. Witnesses say he was at Iguana NYC around 1PM on Thursday watching World Cup action and was very polite. By 5PM he was angry and drunk at a bar called Three Monkeys. He was kicked out and witnesses watched him chasing a homeless man asking for his hat. When Shia was spotted at LAX over the weekend he refused to talk about the incident. So we have to ask, drunk or performance art?

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Here's Video of Shia Leaving The Police Station

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Jay Z and Beyonce have pissed off the Beliebers. At their Miami show last week, the couple flashed a bunch of mugshots on the screen during Izzo (H.O.V.A.). One of them was Justin Beiber's mug from his drag racing arrest. Beyonce than allegedly said "Even the greatest can fall." Beliebers went insane on social media, as they like to do. Others respected the message and said Jay and Bey were right. Neither has issued a comment, probably because they are Jay Z and Beyonce and they always win.

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Lorde is stepping up for Rihanna. Lorde went on a mini rant saying Rihanna's nipples are not corrupting our youth! In a new interview Lorde explains, "People should stop worrying about their daughters.  I don’t see a female without clothing as a terrible influence.  There are worse things, [like] shooting people [or] glorifying violence." Rihanna you may have a new BFF.

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And we're sure Em is proud. Daughter Hailie Scott Mathers graduated from Cippewa Valley High School last week with a 3.9 GPA and some of the highest honors in her class! She plans to attend MSU in the Fall and credits her Mom AND Dad with giving her the support needed to be successful.

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