Kanye has gifted Kim the best wedding gift yet. A nude painting of her done by street artist 'Bambi'. In the photo Kim is only wearing a G-string and Louboutin heels. The best part? Notice the cursive on the side: "My Queen Kim, Perfect Bitch". Kanye plans to hang this in the bedroom, but I think it's living room worthy!

Casper Smart and J Lo may be done for good. The backup dancer was caught checking out another transsexual on Instagram and allegedly J Lo returned to her New York apartment without him. It's not clear if anything sexual was going on, but Casper was definitely flirting hardcore with the guy/girl. Sources say the relationship had been going downhill for awhile, especially after J Lo fired him as her creative director.

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According to ex-'Bachelor' contestant, Courtney Robertson, Adrien Grenier is packing. Robertson says she met the 'Entourage' star at a party where they ended up fooling around. Her new book details the large package poor Adrien has to carry around. Courtney says ""He had the biggest penis I'd ever seen—and the biggest bush!"So not only is Tripod packing, but he could use some man-scaping tips as well.

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