Shia LaBeouf was arrested last night at a Broadway show! Cops showed up to a Broadway revival of 'Cabaret' where sources claim the actor was being extremely disruptive during the show, smoking in the theater and slapping random people on the butt and back of the head. When he was placed in cuffs he started yelling at cops 'eff you' and when they got him to the station he started SPITTING at officers and had to be placed in a mask. No word on charges for Shia.

Here are eyewitnesses that saw the whole thing go down.


Shailene Woodley would really like everyone to just leave poor Miley alone. Talking in the newest issue of "Vanity Fair', the star says Miley isn't rude, cruel or mean to anyone with her actions. You can like what she does or not but it's not any of your business to judge. And we'll get to see Miley's actions on NBC when they run a 2 hour special on Sunday, July 2nd. 'Bangerz Tour' will include performances from the tour as well as behind the scenes footage. What NBC will be able to show? We're still trying to figure that out.

Who knew Robert DeNiro was this much of a soccer fan? The actor had to watch the USA v Germany World Cup match yesterday, but was in the middle of filming for his upcoming movie 'The Intern'. No problem. DeNiro found an apartment in the Brooklyn neighborhood they were filming in and crashed the party. Watching World Cup action with total strangers? How Bill Murray of you!

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