The Kardashian clan wants Rob in rehab because he is becoming addicted to Sizzurp. Sources say the family is well aware of his serious issues including smoking massive amounts of weed. They have called a few different rehab facilities but Rob is refusing to go. Clearly he's not over the whole fat camp thing.

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Allegedly there is a tape floating around showing Justin Bieber and Selenz Gomez doing a line of coke. Since getting back together the parties have been hard and Selena is losing friends over the relationship. In Touch says the only reason we haven't seen the tape is because the owner is looking to get paid for the footage. According to sources, the coke line went down at an LA club last week. / Splash News / �?å(C)

Britney Spears may be back on the market. Sources say she broke up with boyfriend David Lucado months ago and has kept it on the DL. However, the 'evidence' people point to includes her recent solo grocery trip and spending more time with her two sons. So we'll see...

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