Miley Cyrus is spreading the wealth and giving her family members very important jobs. Like 14 year old sister Noah, who is now Miley's personal vag inspector. Yep, she checks each one of Miley's outfits to make sure the goods are mostly covered. So far, Noah seems to be doing a top notch job. We have yet to see Miley's love tunnel when she spreads those legs. Keep up the good work, sis.

Kristen Stewart is threatening to sue Joan Rivers over a joke in her new book "Diary Of A Mad Diva". Joan makes a joke about the affair Kristen had with her 'Snow White' director saying quote, "got a whole career by being able to juggle a director's balls".  Joan says if Kristen follows through with the suit she can't wait and is so looking forward to it. Now we want to actually read that book!

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We came so close to learning why Adam Levine named the band Maroon 5: