Justin is already proving to be a bad influence on Selena Gomez. Cops were called to the singer's home for a noise complaint. Turns out Selena had friends over to play some live music. The visit from cops was no big deal, they turned down the volume and there is no confirmation whether the Biebs was present or not but we'll blame him anyway.

Scary follow up news on the guy that broke into Sandra Bullock's home. Joshua Corbett says he wasn't there to rob the star, just to be around her and express his love. When cops searched his apartment they found an arsenal of weapons including SEVEN machine guns! On top of stalking, Corbett also faces 19 felonies, including seven counts of possession of a machine gun,two counts of possession of an assault weapon and 10 counts of possession of a destructive device. If convicted, he could face up to 12 years in prison.

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Miley Cyrus is getting major praise for sending a video message to a sick fan. Miley met Caley Camarillo who suffers from cycstic fibrosis and decided to record some well wishes for the young fan. Camrillo's mom reports her daughter passed away just an hour after watching but was able to get out a smile.