Jay Z's alleged mistress is finally speaking out. Casey Cohen, reality star from "Princesses: Long Island" wants magazines to stop printing "a foul and phony mistress-rumor." She admits to meeting Jay and Bey because of her work as a VIP hostess but that's it. her and Jay were never in love or intimate and she's hired an attorney to issue a cease and desist immediately. I wouldn't want the threat of Beyonce sending Solange after me either!

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Adam Levine plans to marry fiance Behati Prinsloo next month, but first he has some loose ends to tie up. Levine wants to start his marriage with a clean slate so he is calling all of his exes and "apologizing for how he treated them". Okay, that might get me to look past the blonde locks, Adam.

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Lea Michele is moving on with a new man on her arm, Matthew Paetz, 29. Paetz lists himself as a dating and lifestyle coach but his true life calling? Gigolo! Matthew worked for Cowboys4Angels and offered his companionship to lonely women for just $350 an hour! He has since taken a hiatus from the job, probably allowing all of his company to Lea, free of charge.

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