A Tracey Morgan update. Rumors have been flying that the comedian lost his leg to amputation because it was crushed in the limo bus accident. His family has spoken out and DENY these rumors. Morgan has had intensive surgery on his leg and recovery will be 'arduous' but he remains in critical but stable condition. Morgan's rep continued by stating, "We are working closely with the [doctors] to share information when it is available."

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This may be the worst thing Lindsay has done yet! Bailing on her brother's graduation! Apparently Britain was way better. Brother Cody Lohan graduated from high school over the weekend and the entire fam was present with the exception of Dad (not super surprising) and Lindsay! The star was busy taking selfies and partying in London where she has been the last few weeks "working". Just not nice, Linds!

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Casper Smart can take some comfort over the J Lo break-up. Dude is making out with two motorcycles, a jeep and a Dodge Ram truck that J-Lo gave him over the course of their relationship. That's right, not even married and he still gets parting gifts! We want to date J Lo!

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