The Bieber/Bloom feud escalates! Last night Justin posted this pic from the Broadway opening of "Romeo & Juliet" last year, that Orlando had a starring role in:

And sources are now saying Justin reached out to shake Orlando's hand at the Spanish restaurant, when Orlando's fist flew. Two people that were unimpressed with Bloom's fight skills are MMA fighters Tito Ortiz and King Mo who had some advice for the star:

Robert Pattinson is tired of you obsessing over his personal life. Him and Kristen Stewart are done and it would be nice if people stopped talking about it. In an interview with Esquire UK, Pattinson says "[Stuff] happens, you know?  It's just young people . . . it's normal!  And honestly, who gives a BLEEP?". 

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Katy Perry is responding to critics who think she is being racially insensitive with her big-ass mummy dancers in her show. She says they aren't caricatures of a black woman, they're more of a Kim Kardashian example. That's no dig! According to Katy, it's a reflection of "our culture of wanting to be plastic." Can't you appreciate the culture?