Justin Bieber narrowly missed a punch to the face from Orlando Bloom! The two were in Ibiza, Spain last night at restaurant, Cirpriani. No word on what started the battle but when Orlando threw the punch, Biebs yelled "What's up, bitch?!". Justin eventually left the restaurant and reportedly, the crowd applauded. Paris Hilton and Puff Daddy were also at the restaurant so we're back in 2006? To add to the douchey move, Justin posted a pic of Miranda Kerr to Instagram last night but took it down pretty soon after. The beef continues!

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet appeared on the 'Today Show' to finally announce the secret project they have been working on! A collaboration on a jazz album that will be called 'Cheek to Cheek'. They'll also get a PBS special set to air this Fall.

The 2 disc 'The Essential N*Sync" album dropped yesterday and members of N*Sync didn't even know! The album seems to be doing pretty well on Amazon but that didn't stop Lance Bass from being super unimpressed with the label giving them no heads up about the album release: