Scary situation for Rihanna after a 53 year old homeless man was arrested for stalking and harassing the singer. And no, it wasn't Drake. Kevin Mcglynn hand delivered the star 3 letters to her new SoHo apartment detailing what he wanted to do to her since he believed they were in a relationship. The cops caught him after the third delivery and discovered he had sent 4 other letters to her when she lived in L.A. Mcglynn is being held without bail and has a lengthy and creepy wrap sheet.

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Former WWE champion Daniel Bryan caught two burglars at his home in Arcadia and things did not go well for the robbers. After checking that his dog Josie was okay, Bryan chased the two guys down, catching one and literally held him until the cops showed up. Here's why it was so easy to catch the criminal:

Things got rough in San Diego Saturday night when the Comic-Con Zombie Walk kicked off. A dad was driving through the area with his kids in the backseat. The family is deaf and when the kids started to get scared because they didn't understand what was going on, Dad tried to speed up to move past the walk. He struck a woman, who apparently broke her arm and the zombie participants started to bash on the car, breaking the windshield and terrifying the Dad. He found a cop to diffuse the situation and while no charges have been filed yet, police are investigating. Are the zombies to blame?

Here are videos surfacing of the incident: