Could this really be the end for Jay Z and Beyonce? Sources say the couple plan to call it quits after their On The Run tour comes to and end. They're reportedly already splitting assets including property, money and custody of Blue Ivy. The 'marriage' is nothing more than a business arrangement at this time. Things will be amicable but fast. Think it's true?

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson showed up on "Live With Kelly and Michael" yesterday and admitted that man beard he rocks in the upcoming 'Hercules' is actually yak pubes. Yes, pubes from a yak. Because apparently they're the softest hairs on a yak. Still no confirmation on why they needed to use a yak at all but I bet I know what you'll be watching when you go to see this movie.

(Move to 6:00 mark to hear about the Yak testicle beard)

Bad news for Bieber, good news for his neighbors. He recently moved into his new Beverly Hills condo and there have been nothing but problems. Now his neighbors may be able to citizen ARREST him for partying. He threw a rager over the weekend, 75 people over Saturday night and 20 or more on Sunday. Residents complained the elevators and hallways reeked like weed and there were bimbos lined in the lobby waiting to do drugs. The cops showed up 6 different times and finally told neighbors they couldn't arrest the Biebs for a misdemeanor unless they witness the crime themselves, BUT that residents could citizen arrest Justin. And now they're learning exactly how to do that. Uh-oh.

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