Chris Brown made his first public appearance since leaving jail. He showed up at the ESPY Awards last night where he poked fun at his beef with Drake, who hosted the show. I have to admit, I'm impressed! (Move to 2:00 in for the joke)

Britney Spears dined and dashed at a Cheesecake Factory in Vegas, skipping out on a $30 bill. The singer explained it was a misunderstanding. She thought her bodyguard was going to pay and the bodyguard thought she had it covered. Either way, Brit felt awful and returned to the restaurant to pay the bill and left a $100 tip for the waitress.

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Selena Gomez got some new ink and lots are wondering if its a slam at the Biebs. Gomez got an Arabic saying tattooed under her right shoulder blade. Celebrity tat artist Bang Bang McCurdy explained Its meaning translates to 'Love Yourself,'". The Arabic translation could also be "Love Yourself First." Think Justin should take this personally?