JWoww and finance Roger Matthews welcomed a healthy, fist pumping 7 pound, 13 ounce baby girl yesterday. Meilani Alexandra Matthews is already looking to "trade in her baby bottle for barbells" and her parents could not be happier!

Great news to hear, Tracy Morgan has been released from the hospital! Several weeks after the tragic limo bus accident, Morgan has left the hospital and plans an aggressive outpatient rehab program from home. Morgan, along with others, plan to sue Wal-Mart for negligence complaining the driver of the semi was overworked and shouldn't have been on the road to begin with. Wal-Mart issued a statement saying they plan to cooperate fully.

Here are the first pics we're seeing of Tracy:

Could Chris Brown and Drake be close to BFF status? The duo are hitting the studio to work on an album TOGETHER. According to sources they both realized they could make more together than apart. Plus, with Breezy working with Drake it keeps him affiliated with Young Money and opens the door for future collaborations with rappers like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. We're sure the conversation will steer clear of Rihanna talk and probably focus on the millions the two hope to make.